Why join BDCash?

You will discover that the Affiliate is an excellent way to add value to your site(s), while earning more revenue. You can receive up to $5 per free member. You can unlock the earning power of your website and start earning CA$H TODAY! It's simple, easy and FREE to register. On the flipside, advertisers want traffic to generate sales and leads for their websites without the commitment of dealing with hundreds of individual affiliates.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA in marketing stands for cost per acquisition or action and is a type of conversion rate marketing. Cost per acquisition refers to the fee a company will pay for an advertisement that results in a sale.

How do I become an affiliate?

It's as easy as 1-2-3 and costs you nothing to join. Simply view, accept the terms and conditions and complete the registration form. An email is then sent to the registered email address requesting you to confirm your registration, along with helpful details on proceeding.

Does BDCash accept international affiliates?

We accept affiliates from all countries.

When do I get paid?

For new publishers, we pay net-15. After making payment twice a time, we are able to know about the traffic quality. You will qualify for weekly payments after a month of running traffic. We typically paying the majority of our affiliates on a net-7 basis, Sunday invoice and Thursday or Friday paid.

How do I get paid?

Payments can be made with minimum values noted;

  • Bkash ($20 minimum)
  • Paxum ($50 minimum)
  • Webmoney ($100 minimum)
  • Payoneer ($250 minimum)
  • Bank Wire ($500 minimum)

Please note that any changes made to your payment method after the end of a pay period will take place in the following pay period. Please contact your account manager for clarification.


Once your application has been accepted into our program, you will be provided access (username/password) to our affiliate management portal. Upon entering, you will come across a section called "Stats" which contains data relevant to your campaign including payments and user traffic.


In most cases, your account has been put on hold because your lead/sales traffic has some discrepancies and requires further assessment. It's our policy to hold our affiliate partners accountable for managing the leads/sales generated from their network publishers and programs. Spam, incentivized, and self-generated leads will be grounds for immediate termination of the partnership.